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Pain-Free 2010!

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

new-year-2010Wouldn’t you like to be pain-free for 2010! It may be possible with chiropractic care. Many individuals, maybe yourself, are needlessly suffering from back pain. Why not give chiropractic a try? “Oh, but won’t they break my bones or cause a stroke”? Very unlikely! “But, I have severe osteoporosis and/or degeneration”. You need chiropractic care more than anyone. “But, what about that stroke thing again”? Studies report a 1 in 6 million chance. The most recent study on the subject found you were no more likely to suffer a stroke after visiting a chiropractor than a medical doctor. So are medical doctors causing strokes? (more…)

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How to Enjoy the Holidays – 12 Days of Health & Wellness – Day 12

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

merry-christmasMerry Christmas! We have made it to the final posting of this series. In each post we have discussed ways to minimize stress, aches and pains the holiday season can bring about. Most of the tips are great to apply throughout the year. I hope you have made it to Christmas day in one piece and can now enjoy and celebrate the day as it was meant to be, pain-free. Take some time now to sit down and reflect on what the season is really all about. If you have not made in one piece, I have several additional tips for you to utilize next year. Although much of this season is about giving to others, you should always pay attention to your own needs and feelings, and find ways to minimize stress and improve your overall health. If you are not in optimal shape yourself you can’t give your all to others.

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Wrap the Right Way – 12 Days of Health & Wellness – Day 11

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

wrapping giftsHave you wrapped your presents for Christmas yet? For all those who have waited until the last minute, this post is for you. Wrapping gifts can be a fun activity, especially the end result of all the beautiful presents sitting under the Christmas tree. But, it can also be a painfully laborious task. Use proper posture to limit the amount of stress placed on your back and neck while wrapping gifts. Unfortunately, there is no one perfect posture for wrapping gifts. The best option is to alternate between a few of the better postures to minimize pain and discomfort.

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Prevent Decorating Disasters – 12 Days of Health & Wellness – Day 10

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Day10Aging brings about many difficulties. These new challenges become very apparent during the holiday season as you try to do all the things you used to be able to around the house. As we age we become more susceptible to injury and falls. The nerves of our body carry information at a slower rate, our muscles lose strength, and our joints lose range of motion due to degeneration. Somewhat of a gloomy picture is painted here, and this is reality to a degree, but many steps can be taken to decrease and slow down the effects of aging. If you yourself are dealing with these difficulties or you are the child or grandchild of someone who is, please read on to learn more about taking a proactive approach to preventing falls and reducing the chances of injury. Dealing with this reality now is much easier than when it is too late.

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Enjoy Winter Activities – 12 Days of Health & Wellness – Day 9

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

sleddingThe holiday season brings about the opportunity for many different activities which are unavailable at other times of the year. Some are fun and others are just more work. These activities include skiing, sledding, skating and shoveling. In the Houston area not much changes, but many of us travel during this time of year to participate in the many activities we are discussing. If measures are not taken to properly prepare your body for these physical activities you are very likely to injure yourself. As the previous posts in this series have pointed out, there are many opportunities to injure your body during the holiday season. Try to not add winter activities to the list by following these tips.

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