A New Insight Into The Chiropractic Psychology of Healing

I just wanted to give a little insight as to the state of mind we are trying to attain from our patients to optimize the healing process. If you’re thinking, ” Does this guy think he’s a clinical Psychologist.” The answer to this question is no! But, after treating thousands of patients over the last 26 years I do realize the type of person that heals fast and the thinking and actions that slow or inhibit the process. Many times people have let their condition go on for many months till the condition forces you to deal with it.

Whether its just not taking the time to address the condition, denial of a problem, or the old “I thought it was going to go away”. By the time they come in, its been several months or years and they may be afraid something bad is wrong with them. So fear or its little brother worry has come into their mind. Both are a stress to your mind which trickles down through your neuroendocrine system causing excessive tension and tightness into your musculoskeletal system. If you have a problem, this just makes it worse.

Here at Frostwood Chiropractic our first job is to take the fear and worry out of your mind by doing a thorough exam and diagnosing the nature of your condition. Once you know the nature of the condition and your worse fears are not realized, all the tension begins to come out of your body and mind. At times my patients are putting their body and mind through so much work stress that their body starts to shut them down. It has taken them into a state of dis-ease. We will show you exactly what is causing your symptoms through some diagnostic testing and give you an approach to correction of the condition. We even show you films (X-rays) of a similar case we have helped in the past.

The next step is having your first adjustment. It is explained thoroughly, what the doctor needs to do to restore the condition from that state of dis-ease. This is usually very comfortable and many times there is some degree of pain relief with the first treatment. Each visit will be pleasurable. You will receive therapies that reduce the symptoms and prepare the tissues and joints for the adjustment. You will be treated with a smile and a happy face because we are blessed that you have asked for our help.

The next step is to get you to focus your thoughts and actions into helping correct the problem. Many times you have created your own problem through inactivity, too much sitting at work, deconditioning and resulting loss or functional motion. Many patients try to play to get in shape instead of getting in shape to play. These weekend warriors stress joints and muscles without preparing them for the stresses of the playing. Once a week softball guy or pickup basketball guy are common examples.

Sometimes they have gotten overweight and the stress on your back or joints is too much for your body to overcome. Whatever the nature of the condition, this must be brought into your awareness so you can give mindful attention and take action to help yourself. Taking control over your thoughts and following them with the proper daily actions and then feeling the results of these actions propel you into an empowered state of mind where you take control of your healing. You can do it! And we can show you how.