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Sciatica Treatment: Surgery or Chiropractic?

Sciatica, the word and diagnosis every patient seems to know. Sciatica simply refers to the symptoms of pain, weakness or tingling in the legs as a result of compression or injury to the sciatic nerve. In two previous posts “Sciatica – Surgery Not Included” and “Sciatica – Part II” I discussed in more detail the diagnosis of sciatica. Today, I want to discuss the results of a study that compares head-to-head chiropractic manipulation and surgical microdiskectomy for the treatment of sciatica.

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Spinal Disc Problems – An Overview

Eighty percent of the population suffers from back pain at some point in their life and an estimated twenty percent suffer with back pain at any one point in time. Disc problems only constitute a small portion of these problems, but still involve a significant amount of the population. Disc problems involve a disc bulge, a disc protrusion/extrusion, and most commonly degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease is a condition we see and deal with on a regular basis in our clinics.

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Back Pain - Will It Ever Go Away?

Eighty percent of people suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office. My best friend is an internal medicine resident at Scott & White, and he tells me his experience confirms this statistic to be true. Most cases of back pain are mechanical in origin, meaning they are not caused by other ailments such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture, or cancer. So what does cause back pain?

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