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Realigning Your Health

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Welcome to the Frostwood Family — How Can We help?

Frostwood Chiropractic provides rehabilitative chiropractic care to the Memorial and surrounding areas.

The problem is improper biomechanics. An unaligned body creates abnormal stresses on your joints which can lead to serious pain, an increased rate of degeneration of the joints and a decreased quality of your life.

Our focus is relieving your pain and discomfort by restoring your spine and the other joints of your body to their natural bio-mechanical behavior to in order to realign your health and vitality.


“A job well done!”

— rufus porter, former NFL linebacker for the seattle seahawks


True, Holistic Health Care

When it comes to traditional health care, some practitioners treat the body when its in a state of dis-ease, targeting the side effects rather than their root causes.

At Frostwood Chiropractic, Dr. Mark Hendry D.C. has molded his practice to go beyond side effects and treat any and every individual on a mental, emotional and physical level so the journey to true health is within reach by the end of the first appointment.


“…my back is better than before the injury!”

— Gary F


The Best In the Game

After 27+ years of Back-fixing service under his belt, Dr. Mark Hendry D.C. has cared for countless patients with the most difficult conditions out there. Despite his current expertise of the body, Dr. Hendry D.C. continues to innovate his practice with the likes of functional medicine and the latest ground-breaking treatments in chiropractic so he may help virtually anyone out there.

With 27 years of experience evolving his practice of chiropractic and the lives of his patients, Dr. Mark Hendry D.C. is here to get you over the mountains of all your pain.


“All my colleagues now see him regularly and they’re all happy. I would recommend Dr. Hendry any time.”

— pierluigi S


Our Office

Come on by once you have scheduled an appointment. As you walk enter the Bunker Hill building, we’re the first office on your right.

We can’t wait to have you.

9525 Katy Freeway

Suite 101

Houston, Texas 77024


Contact Us

If you have any questions at all — whether you’re skeptical about chiropractic care or curious about Doctor Hendry’s 27+ years of experience — leave your information and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can!

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