Comprehensive Health Solutions

Experience personalized chiropractic and functional nutrition services for optimal health and wellness.

Explore the Full Range of Services We Offer

Discover the synergy of chiropractic precision and nutritional wisdom with our integrated approach. Combining the best of both worlds, we craft holistic treatment plans that pinpoint and address the root causes of health concerns, fostering complete wellness.

Chiropractic Care

Experience bespoke chiropractic care that extends beyond pain relief. Our advanced methodologies incorporate personalized adjustments to restore mobility and target the unique sources of discomfort for each individual.

Functional Nutrition

Delve into personalized health with our Functional Nutrition services. Harness the power of cutting-edge nutritional testing to create tailored plans for revitalization, leveraging detailed insights from gut microbiome analysis to hormonal balance evaluations.

Chiropractic Care Services

At Frostwood, we offer a range of chiropractic care services aimed at improving spinal health and alignment. Dr. Mark Hendry, D.C. utilizes advanced techniques like Decompression Therapy and personalized treatment plans to address your specific needs and help you achieve optimal wellness.

Functional Nutrition Services

Empower your wellness journey with Frostwood's Functional Nutrition assessments. Our precision diagnostics, including detailed gut health evaluations and hormone balance analysis, form the foundation of our custom nutrition plans.

Designed to target and alleviate the root causes of your health concerns, our approach integrates cutting-edge testing methods to deliver a roadmap for sustained health and vitality.

Let's navigate your path to optimal health together.

“I initially had concerns about chiropractic care, but now my back is better than before the injury!”

- Gary F.


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